Thursday, June 25, 2015

Year Round School

I Google everything I can think of.
Have a question--- Google
Who's that actor? Google
I use The Google like a good little soldier.

After making the decision to home school, I wondered how I could work full time and fit it all in. Now I'm wrapping my head around the concept of year round homeschooling. And I continue to Google about it because I'm not finding my confidence strong enough... but it's coming. I put myself through grad school as a single mom with 2 kids and a full-time job. I can do this.

I have read various things about young children-elementary children-- not needing but an hour or two a day of schooling. And we don't have to do it 5 days a week M-F. We can be non-traditional. We don't have to do it the way everyone pictures it to be. I think we will certainly spend more time than that for awhile to gather momentum and a rhythm that will certainly be easy to break. But one that we can jump back on board with quickly.

It will give us time to be ill, have breaks, and get away. So that's where we start on the first Monday in August.

Otherwise, I'm overwhelmed and excited about curriculum (thanks Google). There are ridiculous amounts of options at every dollar level out there. I so much want to be the mom that makes lapbooks and monster-sized fun projects. But alas, that's not what God is granting me with time-wise. We will do fine without this being a major player in our homeschool world.

I've purchased about everything I plan to for Squirrel's 2nd Grade year (so I say).

Next time I'll post our choices for everything. It will create a nice rabbit hole to travel down throughout the next year of my thoughts on curriculum choices. Even after purchases and decisions, I continue to find more ideas I'd like to try, like unit studies.

We will see! I'm excited about so much of it, and so is Squirrel when I show her all the things we will all be learning together.

And that's what matters.

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