Monday, April 11, 2016

Girls Like Electronics, Too!

We've been busy curriculum shopping again recently. I believe that I've bore the child with the most difficult ability to satisfy her learning style. She's a YouTube/ Minecraft/ DIY with a screen kid I've ever met.

Alas, we'll get there yet. At the moment, we're weeks deep into Time4Learning, a full online curriculum that she's doing great at. I've heard pros and cons to this. What I love is that it's all video learning with quizzes and practice. I love that it has its own Facebook community for parents. And there I've met an enormous amount of parents who've had their children do T4L for years, even graduating them on this curriculum. I'm in.

 On a fun learning note, I've heard great things about Snap Circuits! These are like Lego on crack because you snap-snap-snap, and boom, lights and fans start whipping around. It teaches children about electricity and what a complete circuit is. These are things that never "clicked" for me learning it briefly in school.

 After circuit ONE, look at this face... who doesn't love to make a kid do that? Only unicorns and a carnival could make her do this otherwise.

There are 21 different circuits to complete in the beginner kit. Many are similar with just a few flips of a switch or a fan in a different direction brings alternate outcomes. I love it. She loved it more.

Seriously? You'd think Santa just slid down the chimney when that egg lit up.

She doesn't even realize she's learning too much. She just knows it's fun and that if she fiddles with the circuits, she makes things happen. That's STEM right there.

All in all, Snap Circuits are a success! We'll definitely be looking into bigger and different kits. Seeing her study the diagrams to reproduce them was worth every penny.