Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Schooling children is an ongoing process until they reach adulthood.  The options we have and provide for them change through the years. Squirrel is our 7 year old girl that we will begin homeschooling this fall.

She's been attending a Christian school for the past 3 years. For the most part, we've been satisfied with her education, with some small school glitches along the way. It almost felt like she was attending a large co-op every day. Very Sunday School in feel but learning a lot of subjects. I love that they taught daily about the Bible and God, praying and singing, and studying verses and the Word.

Kindergarten found a bully for Squirrel. A little boy who picked and teased relentlessly. We went to the teacher multiple times and found it barely improved by year's end.

This year, the same, only with a little girl who was mean. Just. Mean. Telling Squirrel she should die. She wanted her to die. Told her how she could make her die. The Good Son kind of things were happening. Squirrel was afraid.  She didn't want to "fight" back. She said that being mean in return is not what Jesus said to do. Bless her heart.

I went to teacher. Twice. I inquired on teachings about bullying. I heard in return that bullying is not something  specifically taught, as they teach to be like Jesus and treat each other well. Understandable. Only we have a bully not doing the right thing and kids need to learn to stick up for one another and recognize a bully. Just that extra step. School and parent meetings later, she finally stopped and befriended Squirrel instead. Success.

Squirrel kept asking me to put her in public school instead. That she'd rather deal with those kids. I started feeling God tug at my heart. For months now. It hasn't gone away.

So I started looking for work at home jobs, thinking maybe by 3rd grade.  I'll start her at home then. God keeps asking why wait? So, why wait. Hubby works at home. We'll do lessons in the afternoon. She can do some workbooks and reading during the day. He can help keep her on task, and I'll check on her at lunch.

Problem solved.

I'm right where I need to be. We... are right where we need to be.

So here. We. Go!

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