Monday, June 8, 2015

History of a sometime homeschool house

Our story is unique, like many others' stories. The more I delve and read and become obsessed with why others homeschool, I feel the tug of God in my heart that this is the choice He is showing me for our family.

We aren't strangers to homeschool, but my first dive into it was strong and fast and a crash course in the realities of how it's done. Our oldest, now 19, had difficulties in public school in high school. Trying hard to get there and finish early, she was one credit shy of graduating her Junior year. She worked with counselors to test out at the community college and take a summer course there for her 9th credit. Everyone gave wrong dates and were unsupportive, leaving my hard worker frustrated and angry with the injustice of hard work falling apart before her eyes. She turned and begged... yes, begged me to homeschool her  the last year.

"Mom, you're smart. You did college. Help me. Aunt Karen will show you." My brother and his family have done this way of home learning for over a decade-- and at first, I  scoffed at their thinking. For a long time. To myself. Now here was my beloved daughter reaching to me for hope for her own dreams and future. How could I just walk the other direction?

So, I jumped in head first. Got tons of advice from my sister-in-law. Went to a convention. Joined HSLDA. Bought books at Half Price Books. Wrote curriculum plans. Wrote letters to withdraw her from school. Learned to make a transcript.

And before I could blink it was over. I am not sure I did it right... but I did it! We did it. I feel in my heart it was the right thing. And my wise daughter says, "See, mama. It works. I have great ideas sometimes."


And now, I start again, 3 years later, as we School a Squirrel.

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