Saturday, September 19, 2015

I Only Thought We Hadn't Done Much Lately....

Then I scrolled through my camera roll on my phone....

We have much enjoyed learning all about Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day from Apologia. Eyes closed, but fun experiment treating feathers with oil to see how waterfowl waterproof their feathers. Squirrel is all about experiments....

In Story of the World, I continued to forget to hunt down sugar cubes, so we made our Egyptian pyramid out of 2x2 lego blocks instead. She learned that each lego block weighed at least as much as an elephant and might take 50 men to drag one up to the top.

Above, she picked pandas as an animal to study,  so  we nature hunted for goodies to create her first nature diorama of panda living areas.

For fun, and learning, we treated ourselves to the most awesome Lego Expo with massive creations and activities. In. Awe. This guy was her fave from Jurassic World, so she had to pose!

At the Austin Nature Center, she got to check out cool fossils and rocks! 

And do a little digging in the fossil Dino Pit.

Another day, we hit the Snake Farm... still as cool as I remember. She got to touch and feed infant turtles... pancake turtles and tortoises. They are super cute and love that lettuce.

The guy with the baby gator left her wishing for a soft bunny, but she still was curious. Here they taught about the animals, let us watch the carnivores eat, and let all the kids ask tons of questions. Great interaction.

Back to science, we did a backyard experiment on flying. We learned how birds use their wings to slow their flight and land, using the umbrella.  It's tougher than it looks!

And finally, science experiment on crystals. We made soap crystals overnight in the pitcher...

In the morning, she found her name in glittery shining crystals! We love learning together!

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