Monday, August 24, 2015

Curriculum Fun

The past few weeks have mostly been filled with language arts and math, but we managed to squeeze in some fun, too.

Story of the World is teaching ancient history and we made salt dough Egyptian writings then baked it to set it. 

Before baking....

Translating the code.....

Here is cuneiform paintings on scrolls, the other writings in that area at the time. 

And, playing with the leftover dough... we present roasting weiners over the campfire!

Science is still birds, but Squirrel asked to learn about the body, so we did a random lesson on taste and smell.

Brave girl letting mama swab her down with unknown flavors! She had to guess if what I gave her to taste was sweet, salty, sour, bitter or savory. 

In other news, we found  THE most awesomest app for Squirrel! She loves to draw comics but gets really mad at her artistic skills and puts the kebosh on her own creativity. I found Comicker on the Google play store. It comes with backgrounds and characters galore and she only has to pick them out and add her own storyline. 

She is excited to get to create like this!

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